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GreenRU | 2255 Little Wall Lake Road, Blairsburg, IA 50034
Organic Waste Diversion
A Chamness Company
We offer a full range of the highest-quality compostable dinnerware products including plates, bowls, food containers, clamshell boxes, and coffee cups/lids all made from renewable resources. We also offer compostable trash liners to line your organic waste bins.

Using compostable products diverts organic waste and food scraps from America's growing landfills. Composting returns the materials safely and naturally to the earth instead. All GreenRU products meet BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) and USCC (United States Composting Council) compostable standards. 

GreenRU is committed to reducing environmental waste and promoting sustainability while providing the highest quality compostable products available. 

Striving to become a zero waste society is an important future goal and these products will play an important role.
GreenRU Compostable Products
GreenRU Compostable Products are:
•Superior in strength and performance
•Designed to meet food service requirements
•Refrigerator and freezer safe
•Impermeable and non-toxic
Why Eco-Friendly?
The better question is "Why not?"
•There is a global crisis of white pollution brought on by the abundance of Styrofoam and single-use plastic packaging.
•Landfills worldwide are expected to reach capacity by 2030.
•Clean, natural water resources and stable eco-systems are in jeopardy.
•There is a global demand for renewable alternatives.
•Countries, communities and municipalities are requiring biodegradable, compostable solutions through legislative mandates.

What Makes a Product Compostable?
A material is deemed compostable if it undergoes degradation by biological activity under specific environmental conditions to a defined extent and within a given time. To be designated as compostable, a material has to biodegrade and disintegrate in a composting system under standard test methods. Criteria has been established by the Institute for Standards Research under ASTM D 6400 Specification for Compostable Plastics.